Catherine Randall


Catherine Randall

Catherine Randall is a writer of children’s historical fiction. Her debut novel, The White Phoenix, features a determined heroine, 13-year-old Lizzie Hopper, in a timely tale of forbidden friendship, prejudice and plague set in a London bookshop in 1666. When the Great Fire of London breaks out, can Lizzie save the bookshop, as well as the friend she wasn’t supposed to have?

The White Phoenix was published by The Book Guild in August 2020.

Shortlisted for the Historical Association Young Quills Award 2021
Historical Association Young Quills 2021 shortlist

The White Phoenix - Available now

Available from your local independent bookshop, Waterstones, and online retailers.

'Lizzie is a wonderfully feisty and strong-willed character. The story is well researched, gripping and tense, full of detail and the reader finds themselves fighting not only for the survival of the bookshop but also for the whole family as fire creeps across the city.

Perfect for top KS2 and KS3 readers.'

Barbara Band
School Library, Reading and Literacy Consultant - @bcb567
‘Catherine Randall brings the streets of 17th century London vividly to life…A heart-warming and skilfully told tale.’
Ally Sherrick
Author of Black Powder and The Buried Crown

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